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What Can We Do to Relieve DOMS?

There are a number of ways to alleviate those "can't-make-it-up-the-stairs" symptoms from your last workout.

A sports massage is one good way to reduce the effects. A massage will move the fluid and blood around in your body, which can help heal the microtrauma in your muscles better. A study in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation found massage to be beneficial with both gait and feelings of post-workout soreness.

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Muscle Soreness: Myths vs. Facts

"No pain, no gain."
"Lactic acid build-up."
"An indicator of muscle growth."

These are all phrases that we tend to associate with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). While you may think you know everything you need to know about the condition that has you waddling like a duck, you may be surprised by what's actually happening in your body.

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What You May Not Know about Muscle Soreness

You just crushed a really hard workout. You increased your training load, or you stepped out of your routine and tried a new activity. You feel great—until you wake up the next morning, barely able to move!

Enter delayed onset muscle soreness, better known as DOMS. It's an acronym that athletes and fitness buffs wear with pride.

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