How to Approach Losing Weight?

Written by: Alojz Ihan, M.D., Ph.D.

People approach losing weight in different ways. Some of them are healthier, but most of them are not healthy at all. Professionals don't recommend fast weight-loss caused by starvation, because it can cause great metabolic changes that modern biochemical analyses of body cells and fluids have shown.

This advice explains why our organism and health are endangered by starvation. You can also read about approaching weight-loss in a healthy way and why healthy dieting is actually a life-long transformation of habits from unhealthy to healthy ones.

Consequences of Starvation

The blood sugar – that comes in the shape of glucose – is an essential source of energy for the human body. Body provides blood sugar by decomposition of carbohydrates from food, but some glucose is also stored in liver as a short-term reserve. If we stop eating completely, human body uses this reserve in less than 24 hours. During this time the body feels no need for metabolic changes, but after that the real starvation begins.

Starvation means that body gets full of stress hormones. Starvation hormones make the organism use storage of fats and also to use our proteins that are a main composite of cells, especially muscular ones. Latter is most obvious during last phase before complete starvation and it shows in 68% loss of body weight due to muscles and only 32% due to body-fat.

So if we really want to lose weight, the main measure we should take is lowering our energy intake. Research has shown that the most successful ways to losing weight are those mostly caused by the loss of body fat instead of losing muscular tissue. This comes with a healthy and diverse food. Remember, an average person should eat from 1200 to 1600 calories a day. And such a diet will make our body use 79% of fats and only 21% muscles.

Make Your Diet Long-Term

Long-term success of a diet can be achieved if we eliminate the most obvious reasons for becoming obese in the first place. If being overweight is mostly caused by bad eating habits, we can avoid them by learning about food, getting used to choosing suitable kinds and amount of food and at the same time the right physical activity to burn the consumed food. But when food is a replacement for other unfulfilled needs, especially emotional ones, we can't expect that we can improve that by learning about nutrition. In this case we have to discover and satisfy these needs first or at least replace them with less harmful emotional fillers. Only then we get a chance for a long-term success and should approach it as a change for a healthier lifestyle that can help us boost our immune system.

Numerous and continuous short-term diets harm our immune system and we also expose ourselves to the dangers of smaller health problems the can become serious illness. Sometimes it can cause long-lasting serious health problems and even become life threatening. If you decide for healthy weight-loss, don't forget about regular physical activity. Many tips and tricks about healthy recreation can also be found among workout advice and the section with sports exercises on 24alife portal.