Advice for Motivation
The key for reaching your goals

How to Build Good Habits in 7 Simple Steps

Good habits are the key to a healthier and happier, more productive and successful life. Every day we see or hear about habits we should build to achieve personal or professional improvements. Mostly they are like "running 3 times a week", "drinking 8 glasses of water every day", "spending at least 1 hour a day with family", "brainstorming for new ideas for 15 minutes every workday" ...

Going big when picking new habits we'd like to build is the initial mistake. Because the bigger the task, the more likely we are to find excuses not to do it. Maybe we will stick to it once or twice, but in most cases, we won't be able to make it a habit. To avoid that, we have to take proper approach towards building good habits by following 7 simple steps.

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New Year's Resolutions We Can Keep - Part 2

If we want to keep our New Year's resolutions, we have to form them well. Our expectations should be set realistically, patiently, systematically, consistently, specifically, and be measurable. Even though we have fulfilled these criteria, we should be aware of obstacles every goal brings. To remove these obstacles, we have to be prepared for them and follow our progress in form of little accomplishments leading us to our objective.

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New Year's Resolutions We Can Keep - Part 1

New Year is a great opportunity for a new beginning. It is obvious that we can "start over" whenever we want, but doing it on the first day of the year is even more binding. Or maybe on a birthday. Or a Monday. Maybe at the first day of the month. But how can we prevent ourselves from losing our will? We can efficiently use the symbolism of the New Year as a fresh start by realizing why we have not kept our resolutions so far and how to keep them from now on.

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Strengthening Motivation with the Goal Setting Technique

Goal setting technique is one of the most effective motivating methods. In this article we will try to explain why it is so and what good goals are. Every motivation can be explained as a movement towards our objective. If we try to rephrase it: goal is a "zenith point" to which we guide our ship. So, let's concentrate on effective goal setting and goals themselves.

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