New Year's Resolutions We Can Keep - Part 2

Written by: Eva Kovač, Univ. graduate of Psychology

If we want to keep our New Year's resolutions, we have to form them well. Our expectations should be set realistically, patiently, systematically, consistently, specifically, and be measurable. Even though we have fulfilled these criteria, we should be aware of obstacles every goal brings. To remove these obstacles, we have to be prepared for them and follow our progress in form of little accomplishments leading us to our objective.

Write Down Your Excuses and Qualities

New Year has come! Last year we formed great resolutions we can keep and now we have to conquer all obstacles on our way to achieving them. And as we all know … to win something we have to lose something. So prepare to set some priorities and give up one or more of your (bad) habits. Are excuses already coming to your mind? Write them down! Having them written it will be easier for you to control them. For balance also write your qualities. What are your strengths? Why do people appreciate you? All your attributes shall serve you as support you can always count on.

Concretize Your Resolutions and Involve Your Dearest

To make your New Year's resolutions successful, besides the content, you should also pay attention to form. First step is to concretize them: Put them on a piece of paper and sign them. The signature should be your symbolic confirmation to take them seriously. Hang the paper with the resolutions in a noticeable place. Do the same with your excuses and qualities. You can also reinforce your resolutions by involving your dearest. They can help you achieve your resolutions by encouragements or joking with you. They surely know best how to motivate you.

Whether you really decided to change for better this year, you will make it. This advice can serve you as support and help, so that you really are going to end up in the 8 % of people that statistically keep and achieve their New Year's resolution.