Advice for Nutrition
Balance your meals

Hidden Calories Part 2: Snacks

Did you know that snacks also count as meals? So, if we try to eat well and adopt a healthy lifestyle, we are supposed to eat healthy snacks. When dieting it's even more important to have low calorie snacks, and to avoid high calorie foods.

But which are healthy snacks and how difficult is it to prepare them? To get some low calorie snack ideas and learn some quick and easy healthy snack recipe, continue reading this nutritional advice.

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Hidden Calories Part 1: Drinks and Beverages

Some people only count calories in consumed food, but forget about the calories in their drinks. Have you ever checked a nutrient table on a can of soda? Or do you maybe only drink water? How many spoons of sugar do you put in your tea or coffee?

Many people don't know that many times what usually brings taste to the food is fat and sugar. And the same is true for drinks. For example, 2 glasses of champagne is the same as half a bar of chocolate. And a can of the most popular soda drink in the world has 53 grams of sugar. So, let's learn which hidden calories in drinks and beverages are, and how to avoid them.

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7 Tips for Healthy Smoothies

It's been awhile since smoothies became "in" and everyone would be making them. Do you, as well? Remember what you've put together? Smoothies are great, because you can "smooth" together almost whatever you want, fruits or vegetables, superfoods, nuts and liquids.

But there are some tips that are good to follow if you really want to make a healthy one. So let me present a few ideas and directions for the healthiest smoothies ever.

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Foods that Keep Your Body Cool

In summer, it is difficult to avoid the heat and uncomfortable feelings of sweat, stickiness and fatigue that come with being exposed to the warm sun. Luckily, it is possible to reduce the effects of heat by eating "cool foods" to help lower body temperature.

Foods such as watermelons, cucumbers, apples, and leafy greens can accomplish a lower body temperature. In addition to consuming the previously mentioned foods, avoiding or reducing items such as spicy or "heavy" foods and alcoholic drinks can prevent body temperature from rising in the first place.

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Optimal Cholesterol Levels

We've all heard some things about cholesterol, LDL, HDL, bad cholesterol, good cholesterol ... But can we put all that information together to maintain optimal cholesterol levels?

As a nutritionist, I felt it was necessary for me to say something more about this topic as well. So, in this advice, I would like to expose the proper cholesterol intake according to its optimum levels.

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