Advice for Wellbeing
Achieving great mental fitness

Improve Your Sleeping Habits to Beat Insomnia

Average adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day.

Even though most people are aware of this well-known fact they sleep less than 7 hours a day. How are your sleeping habits? Do you follow the regular sleeping routine or do your daily tasks not allow you to?

Research shows that in the last few years the good night's sleep has been becoming a real luxury in developed world. Many people have a prescription for sleeping pills to manage their sleeplessness. But there are other ways to beat the insomnia, let me introduce you to some…

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Occupational Health and Well-being for Office Employees

Office jobs usually require lots of sitting, working at the computer, psychosocial stress and other unpleasantnesses that can have negative effects on health. In spite of that, office employees can manage their health problems themselves by making their workplace a healthier environment.

Figuring out what can be done for occupational health and wellness we first have to know what can be the health consequences of office jobs. In this advice for office workplace well-being we will list some of the most common possible health-inconveniences of working in an office and offer effective tricks to decrease them.

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I Am the Change

… that I wish to see in the world.

We need to keep that Mahatma Ghandi quote in mind when we talk about health and happiness. We need to understand that each of us is responsible for their own well-being and needs to choose to live healthier and happier.

It's easier to look for excuses and say that we don't have time to work out, to balance our diet or relax when we feel too stressed. We even blame others for not taking care of our well-being. Instead of looking for reasons why not to and waiting for the world around us to change, maybe we should do something for a healthier and happier tomorrow.

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Relax With Breathing Exercises

We frequently try to influence our breathing, even though we don't know much about breathing techniques. With regulation of breathing we can calm down our body, heart rate and alleviate body's negative effects of stress. Check if you are breathing correctly and learn how you can relax tension with breathing techniques.

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Z rekreacijo proti depresivnosti

Izsledki raziskav so pokazali, da rekreacija vpliva na znižanje simptomov anksioznosti, zvišuje dobro počutje in splošno zadovoljstvo z življenjem. Redna telesna aktivnost je posebej pomembna tudi pri posameznikih z depresivnimi motnjami razpoloženja. Da lahko govorimo o depresivnosti, mora biti prisotnih vsaj pet simptomov depresivnosti.

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