Workout with stations

Written by: Vojko Strojnik, Ph.D.

Workout with stations is a typical organizational form of workout for strength. It typically includes exercises with trainers, handles and/or a pole. Training methods for strength are used with specific objectives (Workout for strength, Goals and effects of strength workout). Individual exercise represents a station that is performed completely. First, we conduct all series of the same exercise and then we start with a new one. Control of the burden is significantly better this way and stimulus on the muscle is greater than with the circular training (Circular workout). Usually, we choose the number of exercises and loads so that the workout takes about 45 minutes.

Organization of strength training exercises varies depending on the length of the break between the series. With long intervals or cycles, which are typical when training for muscle activation (usually 5 minutes), exercises are carried out in pairs. This means that the second exercise is carried out during the break from the first one. Breaks are shorter when we work out for muscle mass or local endurance, so we simply do individual exercises. With long breaks we usually do up to 3 pairs of exercises (in 3 sets) and with a short break up to 8 exercises. If you need to do more, you can divide exercises into more workout units.