24alife on a Race across Italy with Extreme Marathon Cyclist Tomaž Novak

April 21st, 2016

We are proud to say that cyclist Tomaž Novak has undertaken a major ultra-cycling challenge Race across Italy and asked 24alife to support him. We were happy to meet with him and see how we can help him reach this highly set goal and on the other hand test how our app works in extreme circumstances.

While the sports are healthy, on the other hand the kind of strain Mr. Novak has chosen has to be controlled well and that's where the 24alife came along to help monitor his heart-rate and also track all the training and other preparation activities.

Can 24alife Support Training in Extreme Sports?

The 24alife app was initially developed for an average physically active user and opportunity we saw with Mr. Novak, the extreme cyclist, was to test how it works during longer and highly intense training. Well, we can proudly say it does work! During his training he was using our app to follow his physical strain and he told us that even after 6 hours of training the app worked properly and without problems. After intense training for his cycling marathon he has also said that the workouts he tracked were accurate and very informative for him to see his own readiness for the Race across Italy.

More about the Race across Italy

Ultramarathon Cyclist Tomaž Novak is attending a Race across Italy this weekend (23th and 24th of April 2016), the "Non-stop and No Draft ultra-cycling challenge". He is going Solo for the first time and plans to overcome 808km long race with 10,000m of elevation. Is that a goal or what?

The race will take two days, he and his team Biciklus are on location, ready to beat the challenge as an adventure with a lot of teamwork and proper navigation – as they say on the webpage of the marathon.

Check our Facebook page during the weekend, because we will follow Mr. Novak and update you about his progress. And after the race we will invite him to tell us more about the strain he had to overcome and the use of the 24alife itself. Stay tuned.