Beginning of Two Anti-Stress Health Packages in India

December 14th, 2015

We recently began Anti-Stress Health Packages with two new groups from India. The 24alife team took a really pleasant trip to New Delhi and learned much about the culture and lifestyle there.

Our first visit was at the Slovenian Embassy where we were warmly welcomed by H. E. Mr. Jože Drofenik, Ambassador. There we started the program with other representatives of the Slovenian Embassy in India. The second program in India was provided to the governmental company NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation), where the group of 25 employees surprised us with their official traditional inauguration, lots of will and enthusiasm.

Stress Management Program in India Begun in NSIC

The National Small Industries Corporation is one of the first organizations in India that begun in with the 24alife Anti-Stress Health Package. The best thing about our cooperation on this stress management program for employees was the enthusiasm they welcomed us with.

Big smiles of 25 thrilled participants and even the inauguration – as the act of starting a new operation or practice – made us believe there is a lot we can give to these people to help them cope with occupational stress. The lovely Indian culture accepted our western knowledge with hands open widely and we can barely wait to go there again.

Tea Party at the Slovenian Embassy in India

But before we began the Anti-Stress program in NCIS, our business trip started at the Slovenian Embassy in India. Starting the program gathered around the conference table each sipping a warm comforting beverage from their cups felt like a real tea party. We are still grateful for such a warm welcome that enabled us to carry out the whole initial testing of this stress management program and present the 24alife app and portal. We also discussed the stress management, appropriate for the first workshop and explained how activities that the Anti-Stress program requires are good for coping with stress.