Let's See the Progress and Results of Anti-Stress Program Testing

July 9th, 2015

We can happily say that our first test-group of the24alife Anti-Stress program finished with great progress and noticeable physical results. Many of 15 participants that managed to follow through with the program, learned how to manage stress and improve quality of their lifestyle.

Because of a great progress of the first group we decided to offer the Anti-Stress program to all employees. When the first group finished, new one started right away. But this time we changed our activity-management tool to 24alife Corporate and have started to evaluate our new product, the Anti-Stress Health Package, which is a combination of group workshops lead by 24alife professionals and personalized programs, delivered to participants' 24alife profiles.

First Anti-Stress Group Completed, a New Group Is Beginning the Program

90 days passed by and on Thursday, 2nd of July, our first group of 24alife Anti-Stress program underwent the final testing. The results were impressing: in average, participants lost their weight, body fat percentage decreased, and they gained some body muscle mass. The general measure of physical fitness readiness - Rockport has also improved significantly. The levels of the stress hormone Cortisol decreased after the program.  

But it's not only the measurable results that matter - the biggest treasure is the new knowledge about how to cope with stress, balance cholesterol levels, train safely, and keep the motivation to live more healthy. Overall the group was constantly supporting, helping, and encouraging each-other. Life-changing experience they went through together encouraged them to bond, they say.

What's New about the Anti-Stress?

Seeing how well the program succeeded, we decided to form it as a Health Package, and offer it as a content for an upgraded 24alife solution, named 24alife Corporate. With commencement of the second group, the product leaders Tina and Iztok launched the very first trial of the 24alife Corporate tool and started to assign programs to the participants, and track the average progress of the group with intent to evaluate the program at the end. The program is an enhanced version of 24alife goals that each individual can choose by their 24alife Personal account; it is more specific and designed especially for wellbeing of employees and healthy working environment.

Next Challenge: Testing with a Control Group

To confirm great results, our health psychologist Karmen also designed a program-efficiency testing with control group for the next cycle of the program. Along with the active group of 10—15 participants we will also test one passive group with the same number of members. The control group will confirm whether the progress of the active group was only a coincidence or the results really are the effect of the Anti-Stress Health Package.