Track Your Activities with Your Favorite Device and 24alife

May 23th, 2016

Cycling with a chest strap, running with a wristband, tracking your steps with a smartphone – whichever type of tracker you use during your activities, you can connect it to your 24alife app now. Because our development is all about being "SW oriented". Meaning that we have been making it possible for different wearable device types to connect to 24alife app.

At the beginning our app was only able to connect to the Polar belt with an HR monitor. But in the last year our development team was doing their best to connect the 24alife app to as many possible types of activity trackers as possible. Besides iOS and Android integrated step counters (Apple Healh app and Google Fit), the 24alife app is now also able to receive data from comfy and accurate Mio Global wristband.

Taking the Important Step by Going from Chest to Wrist HR Monitors

24alife app used to be able to connect only with a chest band HR sensor, as such sensors were back then the most reliable ones. But the wearable technology is evolving on a daily basis. In last year or two the wristbands came into wide use and to support our users we decided to make our app connective to them, too.

Mio Global wristband is the first type of such devices that delivers data to the 24alife app via Bluetooth Smart connection. You can connect it the same way as the Polar H7. If you are not sure, how to pair a new Bluetooth device with a HR monitor to the 24alife App, here are the screens from our user guide. When connecting to Mio Global, just make sure to use the "Bluetooth Smart". With the wristband connected to 24alife, you are ready to start your safe and efficient sports activity on your own or in a Live Session.

Why We Are Opening Our App for New Wearable Devices

Technology is rapidly developing and we have to be ready to follow it. The IDC has recently released a few numbers on usage of wearable devices. Can you believe that in comparison to first quarter of 2015 the shipment volumes of the wearable device have increased for 67.2% in the first quarter of 2016? More detailed, from 11.8 million units in 1st quarter of 2015 to 19.7 million in the same period this year, according to the Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker report?

We want to support our users to be able to track their health in any way they like, and we want to offer them a variety of choice to do it with the wearable device they prefer to use the most. This is why now 24alife enables connectivity to Polar HR belts, Mio Global wrist bands as well as to Apple Health and Google Fit trackers. But our plans don't stop here. Because we serve the users in a way to completely support them on their path towards healthier and happier life.