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Increase your resilience in just minutes a day with fun and engaging research-proven techniques!

About Resilience

When you lack resilience you may find yourself dwelling on problems, feeling victimized, becoming overwhelmed more easily, or turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as substance abuse.

Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Resilient Mind is an evidence-based program, backed by more than 20 research studies and is proven to decrease stress, enhance mindfulness, improve well-being and increase happiness.

Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Resilient Mind for employees on mobile phone or web portal

Download the 24alife app on your smart phone or register on our web platform, connect with your company and get Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Resilient Mind for happier and healthier life.

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Train & Sustain

In just two phases called 'Train' and 'Sustain', you can feel better and live happier. Training, which involves resilience education and skill exploration, takes less than four hours. Sustaining, which consists of skill integration into daily life and cementing behavioral change, takes less than five minutes a day.

Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Resilient Mind can equip you with the necessary tools to become more resilient, and as a result, become a more optimistic and productive individual.

It can help you build skills to endure hardship and the ability to roll with life's punches such as job loss, illness, disaster or the death of a loved one. Finally, building resilience can protect you from various mental health conditions, like depression or anxiety.

50% improvement
in anxiety
39% reduction in
35% reduction in

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Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Resilient Mind

Resilience is the ability to withstand hardships, bounce back from adversity and grow despite life's downturns. Your resilience depends on building a resilient brain.


In this first module - Gratitude, discover what the brain struggles with and how this increases stress and drains resilience. Then take the first steps to build your resilience by learning how to incorporate gratitude into your life.

Mindful presence

Ever find yourself reading a paragraph and then realize you have no idea what you just read? Learn how to use Mindful Presence to focus your brain, which helps increase happiness and resilience.


The brain's fascinating design actually multiplies fear. This helped humans survive in the past, but can cause undue stress in today's world. Use Kindness to overcome your brain's natural fear response and increase your resilience.

Resilient mindset

What you focus on and how you interpret information affects your feelings and overall quality of life. Create a Resilient Mindset by integrating five timeless values into your thinking: Gratitude, Compassion, Acceptance, Meaning, and Forgiveness.

Program example

  • Resilient mindset: Keep up the good work!

    You're on your way to building your resilience. Receive ongoing support by enrolling in our Sustain phase.

  • Resilient Mindset: Build your resilience

    Explore how using the five principles together will help increase your resilience.

  • Resilient mindset: Friday is the day of forgiveness

    Find peace and increase your happiness by using fridays to practice forgiveness.

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