2nd Running Conference

October 2, 2013

You are kindly invited to the 2nd Running Conference organized within the "Running Together" action, which will be held in Hotel Central at 4 PM on October 2, 2013, a a little over three weeks before the biggest recreational event in Slovenia – Volkswagen 18th Ljubljana Marathon.

The conference will include lectures, round table, and an individual body posture assessment. Our experts will also be present at the conference.

Eva Kovač, Univ. grad. of Psychology will present how to mentally prepare for a marathon, motivate yourself, and successfully run toward the finish line in key moments.

Prof. Alojz Ihan, MD, PhD and Asst. prof. Štefan Grosek MD, PhD will continue with the lecture "Inflamed about Running – Doctor's View". They will speak about balancing inflammatory processes during greater exertion, how to optimally avoid adverse inflammation effects and maintain its benefits.

Prof. Vojko Strojnik, PhD will conclude the expert part of the conference with the "Marathon Day" lecture where he will explain how to correctly warm up before a game/competition, what pace to choose, how to correctly allocate the energy during the run, how to take care of hydration, and what is happening with the body when crossing the finish line. You can get additional information at: aktivni.si@adriamedia.si or apply here.