On the Ljubljana Marathon with the @life Team

October 24, 2013

On Sunday, October 27, 2013, at the beginning 9:30AM, you are invited to join us at the Ljubljana's city center to our @life expert stand (at the wardrobe tent on the start and at the refreshment stand at the finish line), where you will be able to learn more about proper hydration during a marathon.

Researches show that, in addition to dehydration, the problem can also be excessive drinking during a long-term strain.

It is commonly known that we have to substitute the perspiration water to maintain the sufficient amount of fluids in the body. It is therefore important to drink during activity, especially in the case of excessive strain such as the marathon. But, if the drinking during the activity is too excessive (overhydration), it can lead to new serious complications.

An universal advice, how much to drink, is impossible to give, but monitoring weight before and after running can help us to find out how much fluid our body really needs.

On the stand you will be able to weight yourself before and after the marathon and get advice on how to achieve optimal hydration. Normally, the runner should run through the marathon's finish line 1-2% lighter.

Our @life expert, prof. Vojko Strojnik, Ph.D., Professor of Physical Education and Head of the Department of Kinesiology at the Faculty of Sports, University of Ljubljana, will be there for you with other @life staff.