10 Reasons to Attend International HLS in New Delhi in November

October 20th, 2016

International HLS New Delhi is approaching rapidly. Together with our partners and supporters from India and Europe, we are organizing everything to make the event interesting, engaging, and enjoyable. Symposium is a great opportunity to meet different professionals in from health and HRM area and discuss the current professional mainstream and issues on employee wellbeing in India and all over the world.

There are many reasons to join us on November 22nd at the India Habitat Centre. Have you sent your application to the HLSIndia@24alife.com?

Attend International HLS New Delhi and Join our Discussion on Health and Happiness among Employees in India

1. Great Speakers from all over the World

The first International HLS in New Delhi will host world-renowned speakers. Attendants will have the opportunity to listen to Dr. Prof. Anoop Mishra from Fortis Hospital, Prof. Dr. Kerry Olsen from Mayo Clinic, Paul JIMÉNEZ, Ph.D., from the University of Graz, Sanjay Singh from Tata Sons, and many others.

2. Networking Opportunity

Mingle with the like-minded and get to know the top professionals from different continents. Highlight current issues, open new questions, develop new ideas with people who can help you make a real change for the better.

3. Coffee Break and Lunch

The International HLS will begin in the morning and end in the early evening. Thus we have planned 2 breaks and a lunch. Tasty and healthy treats will be served to all attendants to keep their focus and alertness for the whole day of interesting discussions.

4. 150+ People

There will be 150 seats available for our audience. With the lecturers, organizers, and special guests, that means over 150 people from the health and HRM sectors with one mission: to help provide solutions for healthier and happier employees in the Indian organizations.

5. Top Partners & Supporters

International HLS in New Delhi is organized by 24alife India, Embassy of Slovenia, and Delegation of European Union in India. It is also supported by EBG Federation and All India Management Association.

6. Learning a Healthy Lifestyle

In a fast-paced world, we need constant reminders to take care of our own well-being. 24alife organizes HLS in order to address the currently popular health topics as well as provide useful showcases for improving personal and professional life by raising one's wellbeing through different technologies and solutions.

7. Employee Wellbeing Programs Showcases

Showing what can be done – by actually doing it – is a great way of presenting possible measures and approaches to employee wellbeing. In India. By learning about the local good practices we can find great ideas for increasing our own business success through raising health and happiness of the employees.

8. Lovely Ambient

Let's meet in the place of the beautiful gardens, magnificent buildings, and bursting knowledge. Inspiring place of the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi will be a great catalyst for our debate.

9. No Registration Fee

Have we mentioned that attendance at the International HLS New Delhi is free of charge? We believe that health-related information should be available for everyone.

10. Get to Know the 24alife Team India

24alife has recently opened a subsidiary company in India and started to deliver the know-how about the employee wellbeing programs. The International HLS in New Delhi is a great opportunity to meet our professionals and maybe even become a member of the 24alife India team.