Is It Really about Beach Body or Is It about Beach Body Confidence?

June 10th, 2016

Diet and fitness adverts are reminding us of our (lack of) beach body ever since the December holidays ended. In the last month or so, the messages, coming from mass media commercials, are becoming more and more intense. It seems like all of us have to do something before we jump into our swimsuits and go for some swimming and tanning.

But how many of us do really need to lose weight, get rid of cellulite, tone their body etc.? Is it really about looking good? Maybe it is about how we feel in our own body more than how we look.

Is It Really the Thin Figure or Is It Self-Confidence that We Lack?

The wish to look good usually does not come from the need of being healthy – even though it should. Many say that it is just media doing an excellent job, showing us skinny perfectly photoshopped models and cause our desire for the unreachable thin figure ideal. On one hand, the modern obesity epidemic is a fact, but on the other, many (especially young) women are trying to lose too much weight and they usually try to reach their ideal pounds in an unhealthy way.

To find out, where your urge of shaping your body before the summer is coming from, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I feeling physically good?
2. Did my doctor mention anything about my weight endangering my health?
3. Do I eat healthy and balance my meals well?
4. Am I physically active at least 30 minutes per day (walking also counts)?
5. Am I following the healthy lifestyle guidelines in general?

If you have answered to #1, #3, #4 and #5 of the above with YES and #2 with a NO, then it's not about your weight. It's about your self-confidence.

Maybe Becoming More Confident Is Better than Losing Weight

There might be a little fat on undesirable spots of your body. And maybe a hint of "orange-like texture" appears when you squeeze skin on your thigh. And when you finally gather enough courage to put on your bikini, it all seems even worse. But you shouldn't bother with that. Unless your health in general is good and does not indicate any bad influence or danger from your weight or body fat, it's your confidence which needs some work on, not your body.

Losing weight, as any other change of habits, is a stressful process. Wrong approach, such as quick-fix diets with yo-yo effect can even harm your health. When we really decide to lose weight, it should be a carefully thought-through long-term project. It also requires the profound understanding that when we decide to change how we look, we first have to be ready to change the lifestyle we have.

Losing weight only for the summer is not a good idea. Doing it again every year is even worse. It's much healthier to accept ourselves and our figures, even if they don't seem perfect. When we learn to love the body we have, we will be able to treat it right. Self-care includes regular body measurements, balanced nutrition, physical activity, and efficient relaxation. 24alife provides great support for all of that. Besides that bringing fun into everyday life will help a lot, and also going on preventive medical checks is recommended – just to make sure that everything is OK. And if even the doctor says that you are healthy and your body works just great, why would you bother with a pound or two too many?