Group Fitness Staff in RAC Using Live Session during the Workout

March 11th, 2016

On Sunday, March 6th, the entire Group Fitness staff met for our annual meeting. As a group, we are made up of about 55 instructors who all teach classes within different modalities. Yoga, Cycle, Insanity, Pilates, Water, you name it. We were all there. Because most of the staff is part-time, we do not meet together as one large group very often.

The goal of the meeting was to review the Past, Present and Future Trends of group fitness at the RAC as well as within the fitness industry. We also had the fabulous opportunity to move. The staff was divided into two groups and then each group participated in 2-20 minute classes. This year, Aqua Fitness (water aerobics) and Cycle were the highlighted classes. This experience not only was physically a benefit for us, but it brings awareness to a class/type of class that we might not typically attend. Because we have experienced the new class/format, we might attend on our own but more importantly be able to share some information with a member if they had questions about the class(es).

24alife Live Session for the Cycle Class

24alife prepared a Live Session for the Cycle class, so each instructor was asked to download and register the app to their phone prior to attending the meeting. Maja, Andrej and I worked hard to pair each instructor with a HR belts and get those who had never used 24alife up and running for the experience.  It was so much fun to see 15+ users on the screen, to watch others reactions to their heart rate as they went through the endurance workout and then to share how/why they could begin to use 24alife themselves. It was great and my colleagues had nothing but great comments to their experience.

#1 Fitness Trend of 2016 in the US Is Wearable Technology

After the workout portion of our meeting, we meet as a large group again and Sarah Cima, Group Fitness Director, discussed updates to the current programming within the RAC as well as to where fitness trends were going. The #1 fitness trend of 2016 in the US is Wearable Technology. As a result, I presented how and why 24alife can be used within most all group fitness classes offered at the Rochester Athletic Club. 

Prior to my presentation, my friend and fellow instructor Mary Anne Matveyenko presented on "Metabolic Fitness-Considerations for Whole-Body Fitness and Wellness". Mary Anne is the former director of the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Southern California. She shared with all of us the importance of training within the appropriate heart rate zones in order to most effectively train our metabolism. 

As both an instructor who has been using 24alife in class for over a year and a representative for 24alife, I shared/reviewed how 24alife is the most effective tool in wearable technology. I reviewed how our members benefit, which classes are most appropriate for the use of the HR belts, how to talk about 24alife with members as well as how the RAC benefits from the usage of 24alife. Knowledge is power and together 24alife and the Rochester Athletic Club is making a difference in the health and happiness of many.

Sarah from the 24alife team