How to cope with stress?

October 19th, 2017

Stress is one of the most harmful everyday threats to our health. Stress related diseases occur in more than half of every visit to the Doctors office. No surprise, more than 300 participants attended the free afternoon workshop yesterday at Ljubljana Kolosej. Stress Expert Prof. Dr. Matej Tusak lead the event with the "Do not let stress to affect your health" title. The event was sponsored by Adriatic Slovenica (AS) insurance and its partners, 24alife.

We already know that stress disables us from being task productive, weakens our immune system and leads to disease development or early death. Stress directly affects our heart, brains, our digestion and developing diseases. Therefore, the above-mentioned insurance decided to host a free workshop allowing to attend everyone interested in how to prevent stress and its correlating diseases. Adriatic Slovenica decided to host the workshop with Sport Psychologist and 24alife Psychology department supervisor, Prof. Dr. Matej Tusak.


Every individual struggling with constant stress, including athletes who due to their high stress environment regardless their physical shape was invited to attend the workshop.

The main focus of the event was to educate participants how to recognize stress, what are its consequences and how to cope it by performing relaxation techniques. Every participant had to recognize stress symptoms before applying the basics of relaxation techniques which helped them to calm the mind and the spirit.


"Living with stress is easier once you personally experience it as we tend to show our best effort to minimize our burnout" were the words emphasized by Tusak. Every participant was offered a 7 days' free trial period of our most interesting and desired program called 12 Habits of Highly Healthy People, used to embrace and implement permanent lifestyle changes to a happier and healthier living. AS insurance is planning to host another free workshop event. By collaborating with our Experts, they are going to assemble the instruction manual how to cope with stress.