New 24alife Corporate Certifications in New Delhi

September 30th, 2016

First training for 24alife Corporate admins in India was a great success. Our training team has again held the workshops for the certifications, this time with new groups in New Delhi. For us, it's not only about presenting how to use the 24alife Corporate, but also to help organizations in India start with the Employee Wellbeing Programs.

Implementation of the 24alife Corporate comes with the admin training for HR managers or other employees that will be responsible for the EWP. During the implementation process, 3 levels of admin training are available – starting by use of the tool all the way to the management of the EWP with comprehensive support of the 24alife Corporate.

Admin Training for 24alife Corporate Certificates

Employee Wellbeing Programs – also known as Health Promotion Programs – are not commonly used among organizations in India. Actually, the measures are being performed, but the management is not defined and supported very well. That's why we are also on the mission to inform admins about benefits of successful EWPs and how to use them to get the most for the organization and employees.

Corporate training level one comes in workshops, including the presentation of the 24alife Corporate as a tool and 24alife Personal as a guide for healthier and happier employees. Both solutions are also being used by the participants throughout the training.

In advanced training levels, detailed insight into all modules is carried out. On top of that, the 24alife professionals are also discussing results of performed analyses with the admins and suggesting appropriate measures through known EWP models. They are focusing on motivation and employee engagement.

How to Get a 24alife Corporate Certificate

24alife Corporate Certificates are only available to HR managers (or another person, responsible for EWP activities) in organizations with the activated 24alife Corporate tool. To become certified 24alife Corporate Admin, one has to attend the training. At the end of the certification process, the skills learned through training, are tested and the candidates with sufficient knowledge get the certificates. Due to the constant evolution of health and wellbeing approaches, certificates have to be renewed annually.