New on 24alife App: Drink Entry

November 27th, 2015

Hydration is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. We lose water from the body all the time, so we have to replace it somehow. Thus it's important to know how much fluid we drink every day and what is even more relevant – if we drank enough. Besides that, it's good to know what we drink.

Since the last update, all 24alife users can now use the 24alife app to track their fluid intake. Have you noticed this new option in the "plus" menu? If you haven't, here's how it works …

How Does 24alife Drink Entry Work

You can enter your drink to your profile by tapping on the "plus" button. Now choose "Add drink" from the menu and you'll see a screen with different drink and beverage types or groups on the list. You can add the fluid you consumed by tapping on the bar with the name of certain drink or beverage. Then a new screen opens and now you can choose the amount and whether your drink has sugar added or not. Besides that you can take a photo of your drink and make the drink entry even more fun.

Does the 24alife Know if I've Drunk Enough?

The amount of water you are supposed to consume in a day depends on different factors, but we can say that on average the world-wide formula should do:

Your weight in pounds * 0.5 = oz. of water your body needs every day.

So, we are supposed to consume 0.5oz of water per pound of body weight. That's also how 24alife calculates to see if your daily fluid consumption was sufficient. It might not seem enough, but the 24alife app also takes the fluids usually consumed with food into account.

24alife sets a goal for you depending on your BIO data every day and you can always check if you achieved it in your history. The drink entry report will also appear after every input and you'll always be reminded how much more water (or unsweetened tea) you have to drink today.