The 24alife Team Has Had a Productive Summer

August 28th, 2015

The summer is at the end and besides being on vacation 24alife team was working hard in and outside the office, producing and developing new solutions and working on many successful healthy lifestyle projects. It might seem tiring, but all effort is paid off when we see Anti-Stress program results, smiling faces of our seniors while trying out safe and efficient workouts, reading Healthier and Happier stories from our users and so on and so on.

Although we had to start launching a more commercialized product, we kept true to our vision and our values. We're still working hard on motivating each individual to follow their path towards well-being and encouraging them to take little steps every day to become healthier and happier.

Productive Development of New Successful 24alife Solutions

This spring and summer, the development of 24alife upgraded solutions was even more productive than before. As we've already had great professional content that needed implementation, the production went faster. We're also testing and updating the solutions all the time, because we really want to achieve the best performance of our products to be competitive on the global market. The 24alife Fitness was implemented at fitness clubs of Sportska Akademija Kočović (Serbia, Europe). We've found that the best feature of the solution is 24alife Live Session.

The other great milestone was reached, when we finally started to evaluate new interactive occupational health tool 24alife Corporate that we offered along with rich healthy lifestyle content in a shape of so-called Health Packages. The First, already tested and highly graded Anti-Stress. is already being used in many corporations and organizations.

What about 24alife CSR Projects?

Each year's main 24alife CSR project is international HLS (Healthy Lifestyle Symposium) – and since the summer we've already been preparing the next one. We also started the Healthier and Happier initiative, which encourages each and every individual to start feeling competent and motivated enough to take care of their health and well-being. With our free 24alife Personal solution we've been trying that for many years, but now that we collect healthier and happier stories, we believe, each of us can inspire someone and share the awareness throughout the whole world.

Another important bundle of 24alife projects is our scientific research. The study about Health among Health workers showed that even some of them are stressed because of work strain and was a great foundation for suggestions about what more organizations could do for occupational health.

We are satisfied with our work and will continue to do well. Every positive feedback warms our hearts and makes us love our work even more. And every not-so-positive feedback makes us take a step back to do many better steps forwards to reach our vision: providing health and happiness to every individual in the world.