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24alife Anti-Stress Program

Break free from occupational stress effects
24alife Anti-Stress program is an efficient approach to managing occupational stress. Support of comprehensive solution on your mobile phone and the web portal offers constant promotion, guidance and motivation for successful every-day stress management of your employees. We also take personal approach to workshops about key topics for successful stress management.

Proven combination of professionally mentored group workshops and mobile app as your personal counselor motivates each individual and successfully guides them towards their goal.

What Does 24alife Anti-Stress Program Look Like?

24alife Anti-Stress Program
12 weeks long anti-stress program consists of 4 group workshops and an app-guided individualized program, including:
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Sport activities
  • Tips and advices
  • Food diary
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Monitoring of physiological data
  • Free time activities

Four Group Workshops for Successful Stress Management

  • Introduction to 24alife
  • Physical endurance test
  • Principles of proper sports training
  • Sports as a counter to stress
  • How to recognize stress
  • Evaluate stress
  • Coping strategies
  • Usage of relaxation techniques
  • Eat mindfully
  • Overweight prevention
  • Principles of proper eating
  • Changing eating habits
  • Final testing
  • How to maintain motivation?
  • Take-home messages

5 Goals of Anti-Stress Program

Improvement of stress resilience
Improvement of stress resilience
Positive changes in well-being
Positive changes in well-being
Upgraded physical condition
Upgraded physical condition
New healthier lifestyle habits
New healthier lifestyle habits
Higher work productivity
Higher work productivity

Team behind the Workshops

Workshop coaches are top professionals from fields of Medicine, Psychology, Sport and Nutrition. All 24alife experts are led by reputable scientists and have many international experiences.
Medicine and nutrition expert
Alojz Ihan, M.D., Ph.D.
Sports expert
Vojko Strojnik, Ph.D.
Psychology expert
Matej Tušak, Ph.D.
Psychology expert
Paul Jiménez, Ph.D.
Psychology expert
Eva Kovač, Univ. graduate of Psychology
Health psychology expert
Karmen Resnik, BSc Health Psychology
Sports expert
Miloš Kalc, Prof. of Sports Education
Nutrition expert
Damijana Presečnik

Support Your Employees to Live Healthier

Teach your employees what stress is and how to handle it. So they can avoid negative consequences caused by stress.

By decreasing negative effects of occupational stress you can increase productivity, decrease absenteeism and increase motivation in the workplace. Let your employees be happier and healthier. And more efficient!
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24alife Anti-Stress Program?
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