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Lower your health related costs by 20% with 24alife Corporate
Improve employee satisfaction and productivity with an easy to implement and simple to use well-being programs focused on healthy and happy living.
*Average cost of savings based on presentism and absenteeism at workplace
Increased level of happiness
Improved resilience
Stress reduction
Burnout reduction


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Managers’ and employees’ benefits


Planning and tracking

Overall tool for reliable planning and tracking the progress regarding health of the employees.

Always in touch

Interactive communicational platform for better connectivity, motivation, belonging and endeavor of the employees.

Professional support

The tool is designed by professionals in fields of management, sports, nutrition, medicine, and psychology. Consistent with EU directions and OSHA recommendations.

Motivated employees

Innovative approach that motivates employees to involve in activities of workplace health promotion.


Attractively designed processing of data about reaching determined goals.


Dashboard allows you to check the participation of the employees and find their favourite activities every day.

24alife Corporate

B2B solution
Healthy at workplace
Professionally and scientifically designed solution for a healthy working environment. Healthy and happy employees create successful business.

Healthy workplace

Occupational health as a tool for less stress, work injuries, illnesses, sick-leaves and for more engagement, motivation, belonging, productivity, efficiency and success of the workers.

More efficient managers

Simple and efficient way to motivate and track the goal achieving activities of the employees. Overall support for decision makers to choose optimal measures, and simple way to encourage and motivate, fast cost and other analysis.

Healthy and happy employees

Employees’ well-being positively affects the success of the company. Enable your employees to track their lifestyle. Motivate them to take care of their health, manage their time efficiently, and manage the stress.
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Complete support for workplace health promotion
Technologically perfected, easy to use and efficient solution provides overall support for employees’ health. Healthy and happy employee is the highest added value to the company.
Complete support for workplace health promotion