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24alife Fitness

B2B solution
Come to Fitness to Enjoy
Meant to increase members’, trainers’ and owners’ satisfaction within the fitness. Attract new members, increase trainers’ efficiency and optimize fitness center business.

Optimization of your business

Upgrading your 24alife digitalizes administrative work in your fitness center and offers insight into trainers’ and other resource availability for efficient business.

Trainers’ efficiency

Happy trainers, happy customers. With constant contact and intuitive training interface that offers easy training planning and progress overview, your trainers will be able to track even more members.

Fitness center you would come back to

Workout is easier and more efficient with an overall professional support. Members will be thrilled by full time accessibility to their programs, workouts, and sports exercises. Attract them by offering real time contact with their trainers anytime and anywhere.
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Trainers’ and members’ benefits


Better efficiency

A general training plan can be created and easily adapted to individuals’ needs. Encourage your fitness members anytime and anywhere.

Saving money and time

Saving work to a computer database means less paperwork. Digitalization simplifies administrative work.

Smart resource utilization

A web control panel gives you daily overview of the trainers’ and space availability and members’ participation.

Motivated members

Graphic progress overview will inspire your members and show them their accomplishments. Motivated member is a returning member.

Remote access

Internet access can allow you to efficiently lead more than one member at the same time.

Workout templates

Trainers can enter their own exercises and combine them to create personalized workouts for each and every member.
"Ask yourself: Can I do more? The answer is usually: Yes."
Paul Kibii Tergat
Overall upgrade of your fitness
Attractive solution for happy members, easy and optimized work for trainers and bigger success of the fitness center.
Overall upgrade of your fitness
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