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24alife Personal

Reach your goal
The wholesome individual professional programs will keep you on track with your healthy lifestyle. Have fun tracking your habits and get excited with your progress towards being healthier and happier.
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Mobile app and Web portal

Have your consultant for a healthier and happier life at your disposal anytime and everywhere. Check your mobile app and portal, 24alife never sleeps and is there to give advice, encourage and motivate. Let it help you go around, jump over or tear down every obstacle on your way towards your goal.

Reliable and Professional companion

Buy one of our programs today and begin your journey towards healthier and happier lifestyle. Our programs have been carefully selected and designed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic to bring the most powerful and effective results. All our programs are scientifically validated, tested and proven to bring positive results. Get the program now and find out yourself!

Our common goal: Well-being

You can become happier and healthier by following one of the three programs designed specifically for your needs. By entering body measures and answeringhealth questionnaires you will see your personal well-being score. You can choose from one of the three goals; Fit & Active, Relaxed & Confident, Diet & Habits or you can create your own program.
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Benefits for you


Psychological tools

See how stressed you are, check your coping strategies and find out about other psychological factors that impact your well-being.

Breathing exercises

Breathing techniques will teach you how to focus on yourself instead of your problems. Breathe deep, breathe life.

Deep relaxation

Listen to guided relaxation. Focus on the voice and let yourself release the stress from your body and make room for tranquility.


Imagine someone who understands you and is always there to give you kind support and motivation to reach your goal. When you need a push to go on you can count on 24alife.

Free time activities

Increase your satisfaction with life and strengthen the positive attitude towards life with your favorite activities. Take the time for yourself.

Clues and advice

Professional advice and interesting clues will keep you interested and willing to know more about healthy lifestyle.
Only Happier and Healthier people make a Happier and Healthier World
Full support for everyone at any time and everywhere.
Release your stress, improve your well-being, and focus on yourself. Become healthier and happier with help of 24alife mobile app and portal.
Full support for everyone at any time and everywhere.