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Proficiency in the Right Place

Our team of experts includes renowned professionals in the fields of Medicine, Psychology, Nutrition, and Sport. They work hard to make the journey as enjoyable as the results.
Medicine and nutrition expert
Alojz Ihan, M.D., Ph.D.
Psychology expert
Matej Tušak, Ph.D.
Sports expert
Vojko Strojnik, Ph.D.
Psychology expert
Paul Jiménez, Ph.D.

International Healthy Lifestyle Symposium (HLS)

Every year's International HLS is an important event which brings together great lecturers from all over the world to present, discuss and get new ideas for a healthier and happier tomorrow. Studying wellbeing in every aspect of life is an important foundation for the development of a healthy society.

Occupational Stress among New Anesthesiology Residents

In October 2014 the study about Occupational Stress among New Anesthesiology Residents was published. The pilot study included 24alife solution and professionals from RC IKTS and was executed in the year 2013. Thesis was based on prediction that occupational stress young doctors are under has negative impact on their health, proficiency, quality of work, and safety of the patients.

Occupational Health Strengthening among Health Professionals: Occupational Stress, Work Burnout, and New-Age Solutions for Successful Management

Research about Occupational Health Strengthening among Health Professionals will be presented during the 3rd International Symposium HLS. Intention of the researchers was to gather objective information according to job (over)strain of doctors at critical positions.