Day 1: Monday, 14th May 2018

  • prof. dr. Kerry Olsen, Mayo Clinic, USA
    The Many Faces of Well-being. Solving the Rubik Cube of Health
  • Eva KOVAČ, 24alife, Slovenia
    More than workplace health promotion. Building a culture of health and happiness in organizations
  • Dr. Regis Fernandes, Mayo Clinic, USA
    Physical Exercise in Cardiovascular Health
  • Dr. Robert SCALES, Mayo Clinic, ZDA
    Balancing technology with the human touch to promote Exercise is Medicine: Lessons learned from Mayo Clinic
  • prof. dr. Alojz Ihan Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Role of miRNAs and nutrition in the pathogenesis and susceptibility of diabetes mellitus
  • Dr. Željko Bosnjak, Medical College of Wisconsin, USA
    Exosomes: New Biomarkers in Stem Cell Biology and
  • Nikolaj PETRIŠIČ, Ministry for labor, family, social affairs and equal opportunities, Republic of Slovenia, Slovenia
    Resolution of the national program on safety and health at work
  • Karmen RESNIK ROBIDA, URI-Soča, Slovenia
    Fighting stress and anxiety. Neuropsychological aspect of resilience
  • Filip KUKIĆ, Abu Dhabi Police, UAE
    Physical fitness in police workforce: issues and solutions
  • Dr. Juraj SPRUNG, Mayo Clinic, ZDA
    Association between exposure to surgery and development of permanent cognitive impairment
  • Discussion

Day 2: Tuesday, 15th May 2018

  • Dr. Donald HENSRUD, Mayo Clinic, ZDA
    The Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program and Individualizing Wellness
  • Joyce A. EVEN, Mayo Clinic GBS, ZDA
    Health & Well-Being: Mikropis and Mayo Clinic Team Up for a Successful Model
  • Borut BREZOVAR, Nekdanji republiški inšpektor za delo Republike Slovenije, Slovenija
    How to be ina line with a legislations and benefit of it
  • Tautala SCHULTZ, Safety in a Box, Avstralija
    Best practice in Leadership and Teamwork within a highly demanding role
  • Prof. dr. Matej TUŠAK, Fakulteta za šport, Univerza v Ljubljani, Slovenija
    Human potential management: time to move beyond the concept of human resource management
  • Ghanim AL FALASI, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, Dubai
    Corporate Happiness Presentation
  • Kush KAPOOR, Roseate Hotels and Resorts, Indija
    Conquer Yourself
  • Prof. dr. Muhamed TURKANOVIĆ, Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, računalništvo in informatiko, Univerza v Mariboru
    Incorporating Blockchain technology into healthcare solutions
  • Prof. dr. Vojko STROJNIK, Fakulteta za šport, Univerza v Ljubljani, Slovenija
    Sitting workplace: ergonomy, relieving, training
  • Sarah LOGAN, Medical College of Wisconsin, ZDA
    Human stem cell model to study developmental neurotoxicity
  • Discussion