24alife Senior in Cooperation with Local Senior Association

May 13th, 2015

Health and happiness are important at any age. 24alife sports science professional Vojko Strojnik, Ph.D. says: "The older we get, the more we should do for our physical strength." It is a wonderful thought reminding us that health and happiness are in our hands, we just have to seize them.

On Monday, May 11th 2015, we hosted a wonderful event with amazing guests who are our inspiration. Active Seniors from the local Senior Association and other representatives of Senior care organizations joined us to spend some time together discussing ideas for a healthier and happier future, trying out some safe workouts and a bit unusual relaxation technique.

Inspiring Seniors

Wisdom comes with winters. It really does. Knowledge of our Seniors and our need to learn from them inspired us to upgrade the 24alife solution especially for them. Professional and considerate support, helpful reminders, interesting tips and advice are just part of the whole idea. Beside all that, our wish is to bring awareness and skills of a safe workout, balanced nutrition, and efficient relaxation closer to every Senior, their physical therapists, nurses, and other people who work at Senior home care centers.

Safe Workout Presentation and Time to Relax

At the event, organized in cooperation with Ms. Pavlina Glušič, president of local seniors association, we showed our idea of a healthier and happier individual at any age. To demonstrate the idea, Mr. Igor Žerjal, prof. of sports education held a short presentation of already performed 24alife Seniors projects and their amazing results. After that he had a short and safe strength workout with all participants using small Pilates balls.

Workout should be followed by relaxation. We tried out an unusual relaxation technique with Tibetan bowls. Their sound is supposed to stimulate our Parasympathetic nervous system and help us relax.

At the end we gathered together to say a word or two about our wellbeing during Healthy Happy hour. We have to say that the event has inspired us even more and we are really excited and ready for new challenges.