Take the time to truly relax on your summer vacation

Written by: Eva Kova─Ź, Univ. graduate of Psychology, June 30, 2014

Vacation itself is an active or passive relaxation time to successfully renew your energy and relax from everyday commitments and work. It doesn't matter how your vacation will look like, just don't forget to relax. You can relax with different sports activities, lying on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or simply taking time for things that make you happy. But don't forget you can also efficiently and systematically relax with different relaxation techniques.

3 Excellent Relaxation Techniques

We have chosen three relaxation techniques you can also carry out at home. Your task is to make yourself comfortable in a chair with neck support or lie down, and listen to the tape while trying to follow directions as much as possible. If your mind wanders, just return it back to directions.

1. Calm Breathing

Is one of the simplest breathing techniques. By concentrating on breathing, you gradually slow it and become calm and relaxed on the physical level and all feelings of tension and nervousness disappear. Listen to the exercise.

2. Breathing Walk All Over the Body

Is an exercise in which you can achieve a deep state of relaxation with a systematic release. You can detect and remove all remaining tension from the body and muscles by walking all over your body in your mind. This helps you to achieve pleasant state of relaxation. Listen to the exercise. Listen to the exercise.

3. Autogenic Training

Is a method used to deal with a variety of somatic disorders, tension, and many problems of psychological origin. Autogenic training lowers negative physiological responses of the body to stress. We divert attention from external stimuli to ourselves and thereby achieve a state of relaxation. Listen to the exercise.

Do you like the exercises?

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