Am I an Elephant or a Puma?

January 6, 2014

Evaluate your personality with the Persona Animal application

@life team, in cooperation with experts in Psychology, developed a special Persona Animal application, which is a product of Slovene know-how. The application is free, designed for Android users and accessible on Google Play. The system uses images of animals to help you evaluate yourself and your compatibility with the ones you love. All evaluations in the application are based on research and findings in the field of Psychology.

Self-evaluation is very simple: in each step you are given a pair of animal images from which you select the one you best identify yourself with. The selection is made by simply pressing on the image. At the end the application evaluates you based on given associations and lists your positive and negative characteristics.

The evaluation of another person works similarly as the self-evaluation. This time you will select images of animals that most remind you of a person you wish to evaluate. At the end the application provides the level of compatibility between you and the other evaluated person, along with the list of positive and negative characteristics of the evaluated person.