Filming 24alife Live Session at Sportska Akademija Kočović

August 7th, 2015

Fitness club from Belgrade (Serbia) named Sportska Akademija Kočović has implemented 24alife Fitness solution and is already using the 24alife Live Session. This was another important milestone for the development of 24alife solution, because Live Session is now being used in 4 (soon 5) top fitness clubs in Serbia by more than 60 trainers and over 2500 active members of SAK.

After implementing the 24alife Fitness in Rochester Athletic Club in USA, this is our second major project for Fitness upgrade of our healthy lifestyle solution. We got a very nice response from the trainers and it felt great to see how they can motivate their members even more.

Informed Trainers, Motivated Members, Safe Workout

Firstly, we showed the trainers how to use the app to connect HR monitors to the big screen and have each group member's heart rate under control. It is important for each workout to be performed in a specific HR zone. Based on the 24alife scale you can perform in 6 different HR zones.

Trainers stressed that it was great to see each member's name and zone they were in on the screen so trainers could include personal approach even to the group workout. Group workout participants' effort was focused on following their trainer's instructions and getting the most out of the workout. They stayed in the zone, which was required for the type of their current workout and learned that reaching a higher zone is not a competition. They say that with 24alife their workout became more efficient, safer and carefree.

Making of SAK and 24alife Live Session Movies

Our marketing team also went to Belgrade to make some great videos for SAK's group workouts including 24alife Live Session together. Luka, 24alife Art Director, said it was inspiring to work with the local filming team and that we can expect some great videos quite soon. Until then we will share a few photos from making of SAK and 24alife Live Session videos on 24alife Facebook page.