Getting back to work: relaxed and motivated

Written by: Eva Kovač, Univ. graduate of Psychology, September 8, 2014

Vacation time is meant for relaxation and a pause from work. Mostly, we devote it to activities we do with pleasure to relax both on physical and mental level. It's essential that during our vacation we take time for ourselves and distance ourselves from obligations and stress of our working environment. Only this way we will be able to return to work rested, with a lot of momentum and motivation.

After vacation comes the time of new challenges at work. If we want to be properly motivated to resolve them, we can achieve that by setting ourselves some goals and trying to accomplish them. Setting of goals is one of the most effective motivation techniques, often used by psychologists all over the world.

Establishing goals allows for a systematic approach to deciding, what we want to achieve. By setting them, we can monitor and measure our progress, to assess if we are on the right track to achieving our goals. This is how we can get feedback on our past work. If we don't have goals or if we set them wrong, we might lose focus on where we're heading, our priorities and interests. Consequently, our motivation will be on a low level.

On the other hand, with setting goals we can achieve more as we direct and encourage ourselves towards achieving them. When we become aware that we are on the right track to their accomplishment, our motivation will grow and, with it, also our self-esteem and determination.

Is has to be noted that along with setting long-term goals, which represent our vision on what we want and where we want to go , it's equally important to determine short-term goals that guide us. This way we can continually check whether we are on the right path and whether our goals are set correctly. The right path to achieving our vision enforces our motivation.

And even if we have to adapt our goals to the demands of the organization we work for, we can find a challenge in each of them and ascertain how they're important for us – either for financial benefits or personal pleasure.

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