Healthier and Happier Halloween

October 30th, 2015

Holidays are known for being a good reason for overeating. Halloween is especially a sneaky one as children usually get candy while going out for "trick-or-treating" and we keep lots of candy at our homes. Halloween parties are also a great opportunity to forget about counting calories. In good company surrounded by tables loaded with delicious snacks and cups filled with sweet and alcoholic drinks it seems impossible to hold back.

In light of all of these facts it seems impossible to spend Halloween in a healthy way. Here are some more facts about how we can change the bad-Halloween-habit and tips about healthier and happier Halloween activities you might want to try out this year.

Healthy Trick or Treat for Healthy Children on Halloween

Children enjoy the trick or treat custom. And if you think about it … going around the streets for trick or treating is actually walking around in fresh air, which is healthy like any other physical activity. Just remember that fall is also a time for the flu and cold, so make the costumes warm or big enough to put some warmer clothes under it. Also, make sure that the costumes they wear fit well and are safe to avoid blocked vision, trips, and falls.

But what to do when children come trick or treating to your door? Make sure your treats are healthy or at least that they do not include sugar. These days it is difficult to satisfy children with something else than sweet candies and you have to be really good to make a healthy snack they will be happy to take. Another idea is to give them some scary stickers, figures, balloons …

How about Adult Halloween Parties

When we think about holidays, food and drinks are usually one of the first things that come to mind. As adults we should be able to consume all these Halloween treats in moderation. But many times we do not, so let's just check the ideas about moderate eating we have posted for last year's Christmas holidays and take a little time to discuss other activities that can be performed at Halloween parties.

Make a Halloween program with different activities including some movement and laughter and enjoy the Halloween evening. For example, take a walk around the street or district to admire your neighbors Halloween decorations, get some fresh air, stretch your legs, and burn at least some of the consumed calories. Also enjoy your free time with friends and family. Hanging out, laughing, and having fun with people you love is also a good way to distract from everyday occupations and reduce some negative effects of stress.

So if we sum it up, we could say that Halloween is a lovely healthy and happy event, all we have to do is consider the food and treats, and resist overindulgence.