Nutritional Workshop for Anti-Stress Health Packages in India

March 4th, 2016

Last week the 24alife team went to India to start another Anti-Stress Health Package with a new group from the Apollo Hospital. We continued the path towards healthier, happier and less stressful personal and professional life with the Anti-Stress Groups from the Slovenian Embassy in India, NSIC, Tata Motors, and Dusit Hotels New Delhi as well.

24alife Nutritionist Damijana accompanied the team on their latest visit to India to run a nutritional workshop as a part of the Anti-Stress Health Package. As Damijana is very dedicated to her work, she had done a lot of research before the workshops she held with 5 different groups. And as she knew that Indian nutrition and eating habits are very different than ours she started to dig into the Indian nutritional culture and found interesting facts.

What Was Discussed during the Nutritional Workshops?

Since last week, groups from five Indian organizations have some more information about healthy lifestyle, especially on the topic of balanced nutrition and eating healthy. Damijana has explained the negative effects too greasy and sweet food (combined with stress) could have on one's health and exposed that Indian population ate healthier 50 years ago as their diet was based on beans and they didn't consume as much sugar as they do now. The epidemic of sudden death – which is a great Indian problem – could actually be contributed to these effects and maybe here is our chance to improve the well-being and health of the Anti-Stress Health Package participants. To prevent sudden deaths that are assumed to come from cardio-vascular diseases, a lot can be done with proper nutrition and this is what she tried to motivate them through her workshop.

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We also have to say that seeing the progress of our first two groups and the good motivation of the second one made us feel like we are taking the right path leading them through the stress-management program. It encouraged us to start with another group from Apollo Hospitals and met this outstanding lady Usha Banerjee, who is the Director of Nursing at Apollo Hospitals and is also coming to present her showcase on topic of employee engagement to our 4th HLS.