Reach Healthy Nutrition and Well-Being with @life Program

January 23, 2014

We often forget to be active and eat healthy in the winter months and we are left only with gained pounds and malaise. It's difficult to undertake physical activity in these cold months but it's not difficult to eat a little bit too much as we should. Eating became much more than a human's basic biological need, it also became a social habit.

If you wish to motivate yourself into a healthy way of eating and dieting don't forget to exercise regularly and control your food intake. If you don't know how to do it independently help yourself with our programs. Our virtual trainer will encourage you to perform activities regularly and help you on the way to the goal with notifications.

We enable you to choose a goal according to your preferences. If you also want to monitor your eating habits, in addition to physical activities, the most suitable program for you is within the Diet and Habit goal. The program designs a two-week plan completely for free, which follows your food intake and analyzes it, and in the meanwhile suggests appropriate sports and psychological exercises. Keeping a food diary is a very good way to see changes in your eating habits.