Time for a Break and Complete Relaxation with @life

July 15, 2013

For vacation days to be free of worries and relaxing, do not forget the @life - Feel a Life FREE or @life – Feel a Life PRO application. Install it on your Android, Blackberry or iOS. Before heading abroad, make sure to register for free on a portal and create your own program, custom made to your capabilities, characteristics and desires, which will provide a safe and guided workout.

During vacation time you will be able to monitor your physical, medical, and psycho-social capability. In terms of systematic and planned mental workout you will improve your general well-being, remove tensions, develop higher mental stability, and strengthen mechanisms for effective reaction to stress. To all in favor of sports, this rest period will be just perfect for improving motoric abilities and for better physical activity. Better physical activity will represent an even bigger satisfaction when completing activities, because you will be able to share your achievements with your friends on Facebook.

Take advantage of your vacation days to fully relax your body and spirit - @life will help you with that holistically with guiding you to a right path. Anton Malovrh, a 40-year old participant in our 3-month anti-stress transformation, said: "Mostly I feel significantly better than before, it is much easier particularly with stress. This is, however, only a beginning of a new way. I see it is the right way, it is slowly making changes on me, it is ever more attractive every day, and it is slowly becoming a part of my life."