Towards a Healthy Life with Progress Monitoring

October 13, 2014

Following a path to a healthy life takes time and discipline, but it's an investment worthwhile. To stay motivated it's important to keep in mind our goals and have an overview of our accomplishments. In other words, feedback is essential for achieving our goals – it's always useful to know if we're on the right path. We used to note such information with pen and paper, but nowadays mobile apps have proved to be more convenient.

Monitor your progress with 24alife in various fields:

  • Sports tracker allows you to monitor your sports activities. You can find a detailed overview in your diary on the 24alife portal.
  • Nutrition diary allows you to monitor what, when and how much you have eaten. Take pictures of your meals and keep a visual overview of your diet. Based on your inputs 24alife will form a nutrition pyramid, guiding you towards a healthy food intake.
  • Body measurements offer a continuous insight into parameters like blood pressure, body mass, waist size, calories burned, stress level, heart rate, blood sugar level and others. With 24alife you can create your own personal health record.

With monitoring different parameters, our solution will give you feedback about whether you are on the right path to a healthy life. This way you will be able to evaluate, if your condition is getting better or worse at any time and take appropriate action.

If needed, make adjustment in your lifestyle while they're still small, it's much easier. So keep monitoring your progress with 24alife and continue on your path towards a healthy lifestyle successfully!