Video Impressions from Official 24alife Fitness Opening in Rochester Athletic Club

December 4, 2014

24alife Fitness is our newest upgrade of healthy lifestyle application for professional users; fitness clubs, trainers, and members. Daily tracking of clients' progress, drag and drop workout personalization, and review of training resources and class participation, are only a few of all features that impressed trainers from Rochester Athletic Club, Minnesota. During the opening we wanted to find out their opinions about the solution.

Personal trainers about 24alife Fitness

Official Opening of 24alife solution for fitness clubs was great opportunity to check what personal trainers of Rochester Athletic Club think about the app. Their opinion means even more to us due to our cooperation for development, testing, and improving the complete 24alife Fitness service. They are really familiar with the product since the pilot testing of this product, officially announced on December 2nd 2014.

Personal trainer Kasi says: "… It's usually hard to make a change. But the 24alife team made it really easy to switch over ..."



We asked Josh what he thinks is the most useful feature of the app. He responded: "… you can monitor your client's progress; see if they have done workouts you've prescribed for them … you can provide feedback to them …"



Nikki said that to have an insight into the history and progress of a member is one of the best things about 24alife Fitness.



Matthew implied: "Using the tablet will replace all paper programs that we have..."



Kyle pointed out: "I like the fact that you can get in and access workouts pretty quickly, it's easy to modify the workouts …"



Chris focused on one of the most interesting features of 24alife Fitness - Life Session: "…I like to see the intensity of each individual during one of the workouts…"



General Manager of RAC Brent Frueh and CEO of RC IKTS Janez Uplaznik, main supporters of 24alife Fitness, stressed, how proud they are of the cooperation of both teams and officially congratulated everyone involved in the project.



Translation of Slovenian statement:

"Today 24alife is entering the most developed market in the world – the American market. This is a great turning point for the project, our development, and our future. In the last few years we have invested a lot of energy in this project and all the effort finally paid out. The options to penetrate to the bigger markets are starting to open, which will provide us with further development and expansion of the project."