We're Promoting Occupational Health

April 3, 2014

Encouraging occupational health is not just about respecting statutory requirements covering health and safety but also for employers to actively help their employees to improve their health and well-being. The most important thing in this process is employees' engagement and considering their needs and opinions about how to organize their work and work environment.

We're going to implement 10 workshops around Slovenia on this topic within the ‘Occupational Health Promotion in the Commerce Industry' project together with the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (TZS) and ‘Sindikat delavcev trgovine Slovenije'. We will try to raise awareness about the meaning of employees' health, in particularly those in the commerce industry.

Our experts will raise awareness about the meaning of a healthy diet, show which parts of the spine are under the most strain in the commerce industry and practical exercises to relieve it, explain what stress is and how to reduce it. We'll also talk about companies' discriminatory politics, which encourages employees to go to work sick, how to prevent it and reward employees, how to reduce absence of work and personnel changes, increase motivation and productivity.

Good occupational health promotion plan reduces costs and improves employee's image as a positive and good organization. All employees, who feel better and healthier, also work a lot harder, which triples organization's every investment.