Reaching a Goal with @life is Now Much Easier

December 15, 2013

Since December 15th 2013, after its recent re-design and upgrade, the new @life web portal now also includes an option to select a goal you wish to reach. Currently you can choose between three goals: 1. Fit and Active, 2. Relaxed and Confident, and 3. Diet and Habit. The 4th goal – Productivity and Concentration is being prepared. Within a selected goal you get specially designed two-week programs for free. Food chapter is also added, allowing you to monitor your eating habits and lose weight in a healthy way.

Fit and Active helps you implement regular exercise habits and therefore improve endurance and flexibility, increase strength and prepare your body for higher loads and efforts. Fit and Active tracks and monitors your workout, while also functioning as a tool for motivation and encouragement.

Relaxed and Confident is designed for those who wish to eliminate negative effects of stress and develop resistance to it, learn how to control negative thoughts, relax, increase self-confidence, track and monitor eating habits under stress, monitor physiological signs of stress and act preventively in regards to chronic stress and burnout.

Diet and Habit is a perfect aid to establish healthy eating habits – it encourages awareness for the importance of balanced diet and keeps the body healthy. It also emphasizes well-being and health preservation.

News of the re-designed and upgraded @life program which holistically handles all aspects of a healthy way of life, are also available on Android in iOS platforms.