Healthy and Happy Employee is a Pillar of Good Business

June 11th, 2015

Contemporary e-solutions for workplace health and safety encourage employees towards a more active lifestyle to decrease absenteeism in the organizations.

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) is trying to provide a safer, healthier and a more productive European working environment. On Tuesday, 9th June 2015, they organized a conference about e-tools that could provide safety and health at work, focusing on mobile solutions.

EU-OSHA also invited Slovenian protagonist in this field, developers of 24alife Corporate solution that helps create a healthy lifestyle of employees. At the international conference in Bilbao they presented an innovative e-tool that supports planning, tracks execution, and evaluates efficiency of activities of a workplace health promotion program through a mobile app and a web portal. The solution was developed as part of 24alife project by a renowned international team of experts from fields of medicine, psychology, nutrition, and sports science. A Platform that enables easy access to workplace health promotion planning content which encourages employees to track their own activities and monitor their progress at the work place and in their free time.

"We have happily responded to the agency's invitation. We welcome initiatives that promote including technology into organizations' operation intending to improve the business. Especially the ones that concentrate on well-being of their employees," explains Janez Uplaznik, 24alife. He also said: "At work, we usually don't consider our own health, even though we spend most of the day there. 24alife Corporate encourages every employee to actively manage their health. In such manner, the company gets benefits such as less absenteeism and motivated employees, but what is even more important, every individual gets benefits in the form of a healthier and happier life."

24alife Corporate was developed to be used in organizations. It is an upgrade of a basic free solution 24alife Personal, which in the form of a mobile application and web portal provides tools and knowledge for assuring a healthy lifestyle.

Developers of such solutions were invited to the conference from all over Europe. Together with representatives of the European Union information agency for occupational safety and health, and representatives of national focal points from each Member State ("…the competent national authority for safety and health at work and are primary contributors to the implementation of EU-OSHA's work programs…" – source: EU-OSHA) and other professionals from this field, they discussed the usability and limitations of contemporary mobile e-solutions that provide occupational safety and health. They also discussed the needs of users and developers, and the decision-makers' requirements. Intentions of the conference were creating a network of developers and connect them to a common marketing platform and find the best tools and practical showcases that the agency will be able to implement into their own project of promotion and usage of such tools.