The 5th Healthy Lifestyle Symposium will this time be held in New Delhi and will address the advantages of healthy and happy employees for India

November 22nd, 2016

Press Release

New Delhi, 22 November 2016

The 5th Healthy Lifestyle Symposium will this time be held in New Delhi and will address the advantages of healthy and happy employees for India.

Today, the 22 November 2016, New Delhi hosts the 5th International Healthy Lifestyle Symposium (HLS) New Delhi which focuses on the main topic Workplace Wellbeing: Ideas for India. Many internationally renowned experts will talk about how organisations in India and worldwide can improve the quality of life of every individual, thus boosting the economy and benefiting the health system. The symposium is organised by the Delegation of the European Union to India, the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in New Delhi, the European Business Group, All India Management Association and 24alife.

At the symposium, lectures will be held by acclaimed speakers from India, the US and Europe. Participants will be, amongst others, addressed by Mr. Sanjay Singh from TATA Group, Mr Ragunath A. Mashelkar from the Knowledge Economy Network (KEN) and many others. In addition to many other international experts, the eminent professors Kerry Olsen and John M. Miles from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, US, will also hold lectures. The symposium will focus especially on the importance of preventive healthcare actions for employees. A healthy employee means less cost on the economy; higher work productivity; less medical care expenses (lower rates of sick leave and medical consultations) and lower health insurance premiums. Best practices will be presented on the health status of the employees in India, the most common health issues they face and how to address the change in lifestyle, at the organisation level as well as on the individual level, using modern technology.

The International Healthy Lifestyle Symposium (HLS) is an annual international event bringing together renowned lecturers from across the world and will be held in India for the first time, this year. The purpose of the symposium is to discuss the aforementioned topic bringing together the fields of medicine, psychology, health, human resource management, health and safety at work, sports and nutrition. The main organiser of the HLS is 24alife, a healthy lifestyle tool supported by modern technological approaches enabling an effective monitoring and change of lifestyle. The 24alife programme is available across India as well as many international markets. In India, the workplace health promotion programmes have already been carried out in some or the biggest Indian companies and organisations such as TATA Consultancy Services, TATA Motors, Apollo Hospitals chain and many others.

Janez Uplaznik, CEO and founder of 24alife:

"For 24alife, India is among the most important markets where we are present on. Our global stance, a strong focus on the Indian market and the international character of the HLS are an opportunity to build on and spread the knowledge and experiences we acquired in Europe. By shifting the focus of companies to preventive care activities for their employees, new and modern employment possibilities are being provided which systematically manage workplace health promotion, especially healthy lifestyle and wellbeing of the employees. Furthermore, this includes a change of the approach in HR departments. 24alife with its programmes offers management and support as a way of a modern approach for a greater efficiency in individual behavioural change."

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