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The 5th Healthy Lifestyle Symposium will this time be held in New Delhi and will address the advantages of healthy and happy employees for India

Today, the 22 November 2016, New Delhi hosts the 5th International Healthy Lifestyle Symposium (HLS) New Delhi which focuses on the main topic Workplace Wellbeing: Ideas for India. Many internationally renowned experts will talk about how organisations in India and worldwide can improve the quality of life of every individual, thus boosting the economy and benefiting the health system.

November 22nd, 2016 | Read more »

Mikropis has entered into a Strategic Partnership with Sanpower Group from China

The Mikropis Holding from Žalec offers overall information solutions for Retail, Restaurants, Logistics, Banking, Insurance, Tourism, Manufacturing, Human Resource Management, and Finances for the last 30 years. It also develops the 24alife along with IKTS Development center Žalec and has successfully expanded its solutions all over the world. Today, it has signed a Letter of Intent to enter into a strategic partnership with the Sanpower Group from China and therefore launching 24alife into the global market.

December 1st, 2015 | Read more »

A Date with Health Represents Project's Official Beginning

The event officially begun with a welcome address from Stojan Praprotnik, project leader, who greeted and briefly introduced partners, the project and the target public.

The event's program was entrusted to an external contractor, RC IKTS Žalec:

Alenka Ribič spoke about OiRA, the use of free online interactive risk assessment regarding safety and health at the workplace. Iztok Žilavec presented exercises and training for coping with stress, while Karmen Resnik presented 24alife web and mobile app for raising awareness about a healthier lifestyle and monitoring it and 24alife Corporate for planning and monitoring activities within the workplace health promotion program. At the end of the event Damijana Presečnik presented how to eat healthily at work and actively included participants in smoothie making in the ‘Battle Annoying Colds with Healthy Smoothies' activity. The participants were divided in three groups and were challenged on making the tastiest and healthiest smoothie. Votes were unanimous - all smoothies were delicious.

October 23th, 2015 | Read more »