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Lower your health related costs by 20% with 24alife Corporate
Improve employee satisfaction and productivity with an easy to implement and simple to use well-being programs focused on healthy and happy living.
*Average cost of savings based on presentism and absenteeism at workplace
Increased level of happiness
Improved resilience
Stress reduction
Burnout reduction


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Manager and employee benefits



Enhanced reporting and tracking of program participation.

Always in touch

Turn-key employee wellness program for easy implementation and communication.

Holistic approach

Designed by experts in the fields of psychology, nutrition, exercise science and healthcare.

Motivated employees

Incentive programs encourage higher employee participation.

Reduce costs

Improved employee health lowers healthcare costs.

Effective program management

Integrated financial tool provides effective management of overall program cost.

24alife Corporate

B2B solution
Healthy at Work
24alife Corporate is a comprehensive web and mobile solution for employee well-being programs. A holistic evidence-based approach helps employees to cope with work-related stress and challenges, and implement a balanced lifestyle.

A Balanced Lifestyle

24alife Corporate motivates employees to plan and participate in their favorite activities at their pace and convenience. It encourages physical activity, improved nutritional habits and promotes better stress management.

Management focused

Planning, tracking and feedback tools allow corporate management to efficiently implement and assess employee wellness programs. An integrated financial tool provides effective management of overall program costs.

Employee focused

The 24alife mobile application provides wellness education, stress management programs, well-being events, physical activity workshops and nutritional guidance. It provides an event calendar and registration capability, and also encourages employee feedback on available programs.
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Have a question?
Fill out the information below and we'll be happy to respond.
A complete solution for workplace health programs
This easy to use and effective solution provides support and guidance to improve overall employee health. Healthy and happy employees are the foundation of a successful business.
A complete solution for workplace health programs