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24alife Fitness

B2B solution
Expand Your Business
Designed specifically for Fitness Centers, 24alife enhances the Fitness Center client experience. 24alife is designed to connect people within a facility, effectively manage resources and create a unique fitness environment.

Optimize Your Business

Manage your fitness facility using 24alife dashboards that summarize personal trainer productivity and client activity. Calendaring, scheduling and enrollment functions allow more efficient utilization of facility activities and events. A built-in loyalty program system improves client retention.

More Productive Trainers

24alife helps Trainers manage more clients and build closer client relationships at the same time. The Program and Workout Builder tools allow trainers to quickly create comprehensive well-being programs and client specific daily workouts. Reporting tools help the trainer to track client activity and progress.

A Better Client Experience

24alife offers "Live Session" group workouts with real-time heart monitoring that has proven to be a very popular program . Clients also have 24/7 access to individual workouts that can be customized by trainers for maximum impact. 24alife's messaging and real-time activity tracking enhances client -trainer interaction both in and out of the fitness center.
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Bridge the gap between fitness centers and corporate wellness programs.

Trainer and member benefits


More efficient

Increase productivity to support more clients per trainer.

Increase client revenue

Connect people within a facility, effectively manage resources and create a unique fitness environment.

Smart resource utilization

Enhance operations with advanced tracking and reporting tools.

Group session support

Use built-in interactive “Live Session” tool to enhance group fitness experience.

Remote access

Stay in touch via web or smartphone to increase retention and expand client base.

Workout Builder

Enables trainer to create, save and deliver workout plans to client's smartphone.
Client success stories
"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential."
- Winston Churchill
Enhance the fitness center experience
Connect people within a fitness facility, effectively manage resources, increase quality and create unique fitness experiences.
Enhance the fitness center experience
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