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24alife Hotels

B2B solution
Upgraded amenities
24alife Hotels enhances the customer experience for resort and high-end hotels to improve guest loyalty. It allows hotels to better leverage their investment in fitness and well-being offerings.

Tools for management

The 24alife Hotels web portal better communicates and markets spa and well-being offerings. Create customized offers, provide availability status and enable guests to sign up. Tracking and reporting tools allow hotel management to adjust resource and activity events as needed.

Hotel guest convenience

Automatic reminders about scheduled activities and demonstration videos for facility equipment are also available via the mobile phone application. Guests have increased recreational and relaxation opportunities when all amenities are easy to find and access.

Each guest is unique

Provide first class services for guests seeking well-being activities. Understanding the preferences of individual guests allows a more rewarding personal interaction between hotel and guests.
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Benefits for a hotel, its employees and Guests

Hotel and employee

Overall insight

Find out which activities were visited the most and would attract even more guests. High quality analysis will make hotel services planning a piece of cake.

Always fresh ideas

Include new activities to motivate your guests even more. Offer additional healthy lifestyle content, such as relaxation or sound therapies.

Easy tool

Handy and user friendly solution allows every employee to easily follow their schedules and guest participation at their activities.

Guest loyalty

Content guests come back. Use the rating system for continuous upgrading and evolving of your services, suited to their requirements.

Activity calendar

Add events and activities, and track the applications and participation at one place. Enable synchronization of the events to your guests and ease the informational support.

Offer more

Harmonize your services to the guests' requirements. Prepare discounts, design packages and offer personalized wellness programs according to their wishes.
The best hospitality is understanding and meeting your guest’s needs.
Enhance your guest’s hotel stay experience with 24alife Hotels
Enhance your guest’s hotel stay experience with 24alife Hotels
Enhance your guest’s hotel stay experience with 24alife Hotels
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