What to Do in Winter – Workout Ideas

Napisao: Miloš Kalc, prof. of sports education

Workout is not only a way to burn calories. It's also a great stress-reliever, immunity-booster, and fun-maker. And this is exactly why sport activity lovers shouldn't reduce or even give up on working out during winter. Even if the cold winter doesn't fit your regular workout, I have a list of sports or activities that you might like.

Ok, I understand that some people really don't want to go out in the winter if not really necessary. To eliminate all possible excuses I have also prepared some suggestions for everyone who really don't like snow and have run out of winter workout ideas.

Fun Winter Outdoor Activities that You Might Have Forgotten about

Winter shouldn't be an excuse for being less active. It is also recommended not to overdo when we feel like we are already coming down with something, it's better to take some time to rest.  But when we feel good, why not dress well and go out and have some fun? Here I've prepared a list of a bit different outdoor activities that require snow or cold weather or both. 

1. Snowshoeing: it's not so easy, but everyone has to try it sometime. It's also a good activity for the whole family.

2. Playing tag: It feels funny to run through snow and if you fall, you fall on a soft surface.

3. Snow shoveling: It's actually a necessity when you have your driveway blocked with snow. And if you don't, there's always someone you can help. Just make sure to do it safely and properly.

4. Sliding: Take a bag, fill it with straw (or snow) and go sliding down the nearby hill like in good old times.

5. Snow biking: They say the feeling is similar to biking in mud. All you need is the right bike.

Now do you believe me that being outside in the winter can be fun? Just make sure to dress up properly and prevent the snow from getting in your boots or your clothes.

Indoor Winter Workout Ideas for Non-Snow Lowers

To workout inside you don't have to go to the gym. You can use your own bodyweight for efficient and healthy cardio or strength workout. For a good cardio you can start with the step workout, like a step test in the 24alife app (where you can also find a description how to do it). All you need is a surface lifted a few inches that you can step on and off. You can also try running or skipping on spot and Jumping Jacks. If you'd like to try out a good circuit strength workout, check out my training that is also a task included in all 24alife healthy lifestyle programs.

These suggestions are good for everyone who wants to workout but cannot go out (because of the severe cold or heat and also because of the heavy pollution). But if you can go, don't let the snow stop you from getting fresh air.