Health and Wellness Breakfast in San Francisco and Cleveland

Health and wellness breakfast is a CSR event, with a purpose to share the knowledge related to employee wellbeing with experts from related fields. We organize the events for company representatives, HR managers and top CEO around the globe, to upscale their knowledge about employee well-being programs and how to design the program to reach the most.

Our idea is to build a strong community of experts who are sharing the same values and will join our mission to create healthier and happier workplaces and employees.

December 13, 2017 | Pročitaj više »

24alife, official Mayo Clinic partners are hosting a Health and Wellness Breakfast to raise awareness and share newly innovated wellbeing programs and solutions. A new resilience program designed to successfully reduce stress and burnout is beyond anything ever introduced to promote wellbeing and was developed at Mayo Clinic by Dr. Amit Sood who is globally recognized Expert and Professor of Medicine. Dr. Sood is going to be our guest speaker on our first conference located in Minneapolis on Monday, October 16th from 8-10 am. Resilience program is already available for everyone on smart apps and web portals. ANYONE is welcome to join our exciting event. If interested or have any questions, please contact the following email by stating your attendance: .

Business breakfast will include complementary wholesome breakfast, free wifi and free parking.

See you all there! 

October 9th, 2017

Meet Us at the Innovation Festival 2016

DSO Innovation Festival is again being organised by the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority. This year's event will take place on Friday, November 18th, 2016 from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Among many different educational and innovative activities, such as Innovation Fun Run, Lego Challenge, Drone Race, Innovative Arts, Robotics, littleBits, 3D Printing, Kids Play Area, Food Truck, Drone Flight Test Zone, Exciting Lucky Draw and more.

24alife is joining the event by creating a quiz of health and happiness to raise awareness on wellbeing among the residents of Dubai Silicon Oasis. We are looking forward to taking part in this amazing festival and hopefully we will meet you there to say a word on two on innovations in health and wellbeing area.

November 17th, 2016

Joining the Run through the Streets of Žalec

At the 24alife we understand the importance of participation at the local events. Thus we attended this year's Run through the Streets of Žalec as sponsors of the T-shirts for the younger participants with a sign that says: "I rush like a rocket!" With this statement we try to motivate the younger generations from preschoolers up to the professional runners to enjoy the event and run.

We are glad that we had this opportunity to support the Institute for culture, sports and tourism Žalec and the Athletic club Žalec that organized the 16th run through the town. Competitors were divided into different age groups from the youngest to the adults. 24alife team was represented at the stand by Matic and Luka, who were informing the interested participants about the 24alife solution. It was a great opportunity for runners to track their run by our solution and see their time, heart rate and other parameters. There were approximately 470 runners at the event.

September 19th, 2016

24alife Fitness at FIBO Shanghai

In Shanghai, the FIBO 2016 took place between September 8th and 10th 2016. 24alife Fitness participated at the greatest Fitness Convention in China. The event combines a platform for professionals in the fitness, wellness, and health industry, sports equipment shopping experience for athletes and sports enthusiasts, and bodybuilding, weight training and martial arts presentations.

Members of the 24alife team presented our solution for fitness clubs, trainers and members – the holistic 24alife Fitness solution, that connects and eases all the manager-trainer-member interaction for fitness facilities and businesses. Andrej and Monika were also presenting practical use of the 24alife Fitness for visitors from China and all over the world. The interactive presentation was held in English and Chinese and was one of the FIBO Exhibitor Showcases, presented at the conference. Our representatives expressed their enthusiasm about the event and said it was inspiring to see the latest technological approach to the fitness and wellness industry. They also added that this global event was a great opportunity to meet new potential partners, get to know them, and exchange contact information with other representatives of the leading brands in the field.

September 11th, 2016

Re-engineering Indian Healthcare at FICCI Heal Conference

On 31st August and 1st September 2016, 24alife team attended one of the most inspiring healthcare conferences. FICCI Heal was our great opportunity to learn more about healthcare solutions in India and to try to contribute to the further development as well. To do so, Saša presented the 24alife Corporate solution on the second day at the "Panel Discussion III: Technologies driving new models in Healthcare". Through a holistic story of 24alife solution and the results of our EWP Anti-Stress Pilot projects in India, she explained the benefits of Employee Well-being Programs for successful businesses and the whole economy in India.

Indian healthcare ecosystem is ready for innovations, smart solutions and even more challenges of delivering healthcare through latest technology. Our part here was to stress the importance of preventive health for everyone, starting with the preventive health programs in companies. 24alife team keeps developing professionally designed solutions with the objective to motivate and engage every individual to live healthier in his or her professional and personal life.

September 2nd, 2016

Presenting 24alife and Mikropis as a Part of Slovenian IT Excellence on CeBIT 2016

As a part of Slovenian IT Excellence team, we were invited to present our solutions on one of the biggest international ICT fairs. Over 100,000 companies, 70 nations, 500 showcases were presented and more than 5 million contacts were exchanged on this year's CeBIT in Hannover, Germany from 14th to 18th of March 2016. CeBIT is all about digitalization of economy and society. Thus 24alife as well as other solutions coming from the company Mikropis and associated organizations helped CeBIT bring the Internet of Things to life and make it touchable.

Our representatives at the fair have shared the exhibition stand E27 in Hall 5 with other members of Slovenian IT Excellence. They daily reported major interest in our solutions, from which the 24alife is more personal-oriented and Mikropis solutions are more interesting for the potential new business partners. It was a big honor to be invited to such an elite event and we are looking forward to the next year's fair.

March 22nd, 2016

Speaking about Success at Sales Code 2016 Conference

This year the Development Center IKTS Žalec and 24alife were honored by an invite to the Sales Code 2016, an important conference organized by Slovene financial newspaper Finance. Mr. Janez Uplaznik, the founder of 24alife and the CEO of DC IKTS Žalec, was invited to speak about his successful foreign market experience. The main cause for the invitation was the letter of intent with Chinese company Sanpower Group, signed at the end of 2015. Besides this important event, the foundation of the success is our international work in the last few years as well, which encompasses projects in Europe as well as in USA, India, and Middle East.

After the short presentation of the company's partners and the story of 24alife, he took listeners on the journey of collaboration with many important partners that brought the development of 24alife solutions along with the team to where we are today. He exposed the importance of scientific and holistic approach, personalization of the solution for the user, high social responsibility and awareness, and building first class business relationships to be the key to success on the international markets.

February 10th, 2016

First Date with Health

Date with Health is an event, performed within the project named "Health-Friendly Working Environment for Healthy, Active, and Motivated Office Workers". The project promotes occupational health and informs the employers about the practical measures that can be taken to enhance each office employee's health. Awareness about health problems caused by sitting-jobs is rising among Slovenian workers. To support them, 24alife is included by presenting healthy activities from fields of sports, nutrition, and psychology.

On the first Date with Health (23th October 2015) the participants got the insight into the good practice showcases, such as 24alife Anti-Stress or OHP in the company Novem. After the presentation, 24alife psychologist Iztok helped the audience relax with a common relaxation technique that can be used in the office during work time and regularly in their after work hours to experience long-term effect. Perfectly relaxed they had a "best smoothie competition". Damijana, 24alife nutritionist, explained what smoothies are and how to make them, and then the audience divided in 3 groups to compete who would make the best one. We believe that the participants learned many great tips about how to stay healthy and reduce possibility for bad consequences of the office work.

October 27th, 2015 | Pročitaj više »

5xChallenge in Dubai with 24alife

Last week, from 14th to 16th of October, the UAE Football Association organized a 5 vs. 5 football match marathon, which had a goal to break the Guinness World Record for the most players in a 5-a-side football exhibition match. 24alife was the sponsor of the 5xChallenge in the UAE Football Association. For the event the 24alife T-shirts titled "Being Football Player makes me Healthier and Happier" were given out to players.

Our coworker Mirna, marketing associate from Dubai was presenting the 24alife solution to players and visitors and told us: "People seemed interested in the app. The event was very exhausting, however, it was very fun and it was enjoyable. My goal was to present the 24alife app and I wanted to do it well. I was involved in the non-stop match. I played football in order to reach the goal that Mr. Ghanim Mohammad Bin Lahej had of 700 players in one continuous match and had a lot of fun. It was an unforgettable three day experience."

October 21st, 2015