24alife Professionals Involved in the Senior TV Project

July 7th, 2016

Recently, the 24alife team got a great opportunity to participate in a very special project, named Senior TV. Together with other European partners we have joined a team of experts to create a solution to provide affordable support for seniors living on their own. Our aim is to help seniors enjoy their health and well-being through staying physically strong and maintaining their personal relationships.

The team brings together e-health experts from Cyprus Neuroscience Technology Institute (as a coordinator), Imatia Innovation from Spain, Gluk Advice from Netherlands, Compexin SA and Ana Aslan Foundation from Romania, and Dom upokojencev Nova Gorica and RC-IKTS from Slovenia.

Senior TV Project as a Holistic Support for Active and Healthy Aging

The Senior TV Project is all about providing ICT-based formal and informal care at home. This means that we will offer a platform, providing know-how for seniors to:

  • perform activities for active prevention of physical and cognitive decline,
  • manage different daily living tasks independently and
  • socialize and nurture their relationships with friends, family, and the community.

With an open system, delivered to the TV, we would like to incorporate computer-like features, adapted to be used by seniors. With an easy-to-use interface we believe that providing health-related and social content via familiar devices will increase activity, awareness and motivation for raising quality of seniors' lives.

Senior TV applications that we are developing together connect and intertwine health, internet, entertainment, and social life of the users in order to make them more engaging, fun, and simple to use. In the current stage of development we would like to hear what could be interesting for the users, and are thus presenting the solution among them to get feedback.

The basic plan is to create different apps. First one is related to the body parameter measurements that get stored and sent to their physician. Another app or feature would be used for displaying safe exercises, recorded specifically for seniors. As well as an app for enhancing cognitive performance, such as different mind games or tasks. Besides all of the above, we also plan to offer a channel for seniors to check news, events, weather, and other potentially interesting information that we usually browse on the internet. You can read more on the official Senior TV project webpage.