24alife Spreading Happiness at Happiness Talks in Dubai

January 11th, 2017

UAE Happiness Initiative is being spread in many ways and one of them was Monday's event named Happiness Talks – Spreading Happiness. The organizers of the event are aware how important it is to spread happiness, explain what it actually means and how it can be pursued.

Inspiring guests were speaking at the event. Director of Corporate Happiness at Touch Points Rehan Naeem opened the event stressing the importance of generosity for one's wellbeing. The first speaker at the event was Roberto Re, the worldwide known coach, author, and motivator. After his speech, our sports psychologist and consultant for workplace health and wellbeing Eva Kovač invited the audience to take a look at always popular theme – stress and its effect on our life and happiness.

The Audience Was Offered Tools to Find their Happiness

The Happiness Talk held on Monday had one very concrete goal – to give people at least one tool to become happy. While Roberto was presenting 10 strategies that can be used to become happier, Eva was giving tips about stress management which also increases our wellbeing. At the end of the event, they joined forces and together with the moderator invited the audience to take first steps on becoming happier. Each of the listeners was asked to think of one happiness factor in their life and pick a tool or a tip to make it work in favor of their own happiness. Hopefully, they all decided to practice it over the next few days to rewire their brain.

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